Changing the way you build!

London Panel Corporation provides state-of-the-art home building systems that modernize the way you frame. We manufacture wooden wall panels and offer a full range of building components such as floor systems, roof trusses, and their installation. Many builders see panels as the wave of the future.

· Accelerated building cycle saves you time and money.

· Quality product: we use only kiln-dried lumber and every wall panel is squared to make it a very easy product to use.

· Eliminate mistakes that cost you money by combining our experienced design team and state-of-the-art blueprint scanner to create quality solutions.

· Reduce labour and dumpster costs as our team will clean up waste, enhancing your reputation as a quality building company.

· Less damage and repair costs due to bad weather.

· Increased customer satisfaction as a result of a quality solution and being able to occupy your building much more quickly.

· Reduce costs due to theft of materials, of especial concern in large cities.

· Increased safety at a cleaner, uncluttered work site.


Benefits of panels:


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